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Totally personalized, created for most demanding customers. Our Platinum technical support is very personal, advising you at all times and keeping you informed of the latest news and services you have contracted with us.

The features of owning a personalized support from Lion Cloud:

  1. A agent is assigned to take your cases
  2. A direct email to the agent responsible for your account, for any information you need.
  3. A direct personal phone line to talk to your agent, saving you time.
  4. Report status of open cases or requests for information that you request
  5. Technical phone Support 24/7, 365 days a year.
  6. Engineer Support will call you with notifications
  7. Reporting of critical issues
  8. Notification of the state of your project
  9. Special discounts when buying new services

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Lion Transparent Package

Free Templates & Domain Registration, £6.99 GBP/month

Lion Cloud Private Personal Email

One Lion Cloud Private email service, £1.99 GBP Month

Add Extra New Domain to Current Hosting Plan

Applies to new domains only, £2.99 GBP/each

Key for Instant Cloud Access

USB Key with instant access to your cloud, £19.99 GBP for each

Platinum Hosting Support

Fully customized, Real-time Online Support, £19.99 GBP/month for each

Yellow Cloud

1 GB Disk Space, 5 GB.Park your domain with this plan, £2.99 GBP/month for each

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