In 3D Web Design

At LION we create your online 3D Store compatible with mobile devices to meet your needs and to fit your budget.

We provide solutions for eCommerce on all size platforms, ranging from single virtual shopping sites to large service

portals, and major resellers.

You can choose between simple, classic designs to 3D Web Design exclusively crafted to your specifications by fashion designers at Lion.

We will program your online store to sell your products and services through secure e-commerce, using secure online payment systems linked to financial authorities. Additionally, we can add a payment gateway to your bank according to your requirements.

Our technical team will provide ongoing support and we will monitor your store daily. We will notify you immediately, if required.

Remember to choose the type of support that suits your needs. Secure payments inside your online store Liondesign.Net suggests to our customers that they utilise the security of payments through QuickSSL certificates.

These certificates allow your website to activate the lock icon on the browser, indicating that their transactions are protected against interception or manipulation of customer data through encryption and secure transport via SSL (Secure Socket Layer).

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Lion Transparent Package

Free Templates & Domain Registration, £6.99 GBP/month

Lion Cloud Private Personal Email

One Lion Cloud Private email service, £1.99 GBP Month

Add Extra New Domain to Current Hosting Plan

Applies to new domains only, £2.99 GBP/each

Key for Instant Cloud Access

USB Key with instant access to your cloud, £19.99 GBP for each

Platinum Hosting Support

Fully customized, Real-time Online Support, £19.99 GBP/month for each

Yellow Cloud

1 GB Disk Space, 5 GB.Park your domain with this plan, £2.99 GBP/month for each

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